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Welcome to Holbaek Municipality

Holbaek is a dynamic and scenic municipality, located near the capital Copenhagen in Denmark. You will arrive in Copenhagen by train or car in less than an hour - and Sweden, Norway and Germany can be reached within a few hours.

Business, education, culture and nature go hand in hand in Holbaek Municipality. Just by bicycle or walk you can reach the places, where the beautiful scenery and the fresh air purifier your body and mind. Green and sustainable environment are important for the development of Holbaek. One of the major initiatives is the development of the waterfront in Holbaek city, where experience, habitation, business and nature perfectly mingled.

Flexibility and dialogue

Holbaek is one of Denmark's most business-friendly municipalities. This is due to the dialogue and cooperation with the companies. For growth, it is crucial that businesses can get a fast, flexible and solution-oriented service. Therefore, we are constantly striving to do better in understanding and meeting the needs of companies..

Culture is a gathering point

Holbaek city was founded 800 years ago by the Danish king Valdemar. You will experience Holbaek city with an atmosphere that both go back in time and at the same time offers an active and modern business and cultural life. Not only in Holbaek city but throughout Holbaek Municipality the rich cultural events attract lots of people - both from abroad and the rest of Denmark.

International knowledge center

Holbaek provides an ideal environment for youth with innovative learning groups for all age groups. Stenhus Private School and Stenhus High School since 2006 have started students exchange program between Denmark and China. University Copenhagen Business School and Stenhus Private School has established cooperation with Hanban in Beijing, where Danish students are taught in Chinese and Chinese students come to Holbaek to study as part of the Confucius classroom.

I am very pleased and honored that Holbaek Municipality became sister city with the Chinese city of Quanzhou, and I look forward to developing a good and long friendship between the cities. I am herby sending you a warm greeting.

 Søren Kjærsgaard, Borgmester


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