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There are ample opportunities to get both natural and cultural experiences in Holbaek Municipality. Here we have the fjord, hills and nature parks, theaters and cinemas, events and an outdoor gallery with exciting contemporary art.

The maritime heart of Holbaek Municipality is Holbaek Fjord. The fjord contains numerous of bird and wildlives, and the many trails and forests around the fjord offers the chance for contemplation and rest. Holbaek Fjord is also a natural hub for outdoor activities like sailing with kayaks and sailboats. Once a year a cross-fjord swimming competition is holded her.


Brorfelde Hills is a unique glacial landscape, which consists of a dozen distinctive flat-topped hills that are separated by deep ravines and hollows with steep sides. The area is designated as a national geological interest, in order to protect, manage and communicate the area's distinguished geological values. At the top of the hills towers Brorfelde Observatory, which is bought by Holbaek Municipality to create a research and dissemination center of national and international interest.

Natural Park Aamosen

Aamosen nature park is designated as a nature park because of the area's unique cultural, natural, geological and landscape values. The nature park formes a coherent landscape corridor of 8,000 hectares , which consists of river valleys, lakes and marshes and also extends through a hilly moraine.)))

Holbæk Art

Opened Holbaek Art in 2014: An open, outdoor picture gallery, where well-known contemporary artists have created paintings on the gables of Holbæk urban space. Holbaek Art was founded by private citizens in Holbaek and supported by Holbaek Municipality.

Share Village Nyvang

Share Village Nyvang is a cultural history museum for the whole family, which vitalizes the share-times in the country (1870-1950), with typical buildings, landscape, livestock, working methods, daily life and festivity.
And more experiences are still to be found in Holbaek today.

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