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Schools and Education

Holbaek provides an ideal environment for children and the youth with innovative learning groups, focusing on various programs for all ages. Holbæk's location also makes it very easy to study at several of Denmark Universities.

A high level of education

All children are educated in an elementary school (public school) for the first 10 years, followed by a youth education at several different levels. To be continued with a university degree and doctorate. All public schools are free.

International knowledge center

Stenhus Private School and Stenhus High School since 2006 have started students exchange program between Denmark and China. University Copenhagen Business School and Stenhus Private School has established cooperation with Hanban in Beijing, where Danish students are taught in Chinese and Chinese students come to Holbaek to study as part of the Confucius classroom.

Visit Stenhus Private School, a private school with 5-10 grades.

Visit Stenhus High School and Business college

Public schools in Holbaek Municipality

Holbaek Municipality is divided into eight public school districts, and it also has 8 private schools. A child starts school at the age of six, and in front of him there are 10 years of comsulsory education. School uniforms are not used. Each school has a after-school centre (SFO). After the 9th and 10th grade students should take the final exam and accept guide of the Youth Education on further education.

What characterizes public school

The school must do even better to give the youth the preconditions for accomplishing a upper secondary education. Parliament's public school reform has three clear objectives:

  1. The public school must explore all the students' potential, so that they become so competent as they can.
  2. The public school must reduce the influence of social background on academic achievement.
  3. Confidence and well-being in public school must be strengthened through respect for professional knowledge and practice.

In Holbaek, we place great emphasis on that children and the youth also need to learn things through their own knowledge and experience. Therefore we create a series of courses, putting children and the youth in situations where they experience
by themselves. It can for example be experience of nature, recognize animal species in the fjord, or learn about the sun and planetary movements by visiting Brorfelde Observatory.


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