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Holbaek takes good care of its business. We offer the best situation, cheap land and quick case processing. Our Task Force welcomes and helps new businesses on the way , by providing close cooperation between the municipality, business forum and community and creating networks.

Holbaek among the country's best business friendly municipalities

Holbaek Municipality is highlighted among the nation's most business-friendly municipalities, and ranks toward the top for three years in a row. At the same time we are nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year Municipality.

Holbaek Municipality + Holbaek Business Forum = Task Force

When you contact Holbaek Municipality or Holbaek Business Forum with your ideas to start a business here, we will send out best experts team and decision-makers, and come up with a plan on feasibility together with your company.



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Holbaek Business Forum

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See the many offers to companies in Holbaek Business Forum's website.

Holbæk Erhvervsforum

Business Group

If you are not sure about what permissions you need in planning, building and environmental legislation in order to establish, change or expand your business, please contact our Business group in City and Landscape.

Contact Business Group: erhvervsgruppen@holb.dk