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About Holbaek

Holbaek Municipality is located in Sjaelland region in Denmark. Holbaek is one of the fastest growing and most important growth areas. The urban commerce and educational development play an active and crucial role in Holbaek.
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Why choose Holbaek

No matter vacation, business, company or investment, Holbaek is a good choice.

The reasons are

  • High level of education in Denmark.
  • Possibility to recruit talents to meet the different jobs.
  • working mode: innovative, responsible and cooperative.
  • Welfare: cooperation between private companies and the public sector.
  • Solutions for the elderly.
  • European city Holbaek has one of the best business-friendly atmosphere.
  • An efficient infrastructure.
  • Flexicurity: labor force, income and employment policy.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Agricultural land.
  • Cultural exchange
  • International focus and cooperation

Facts about Holbæk Municipality

Area: 577,3 square km
Inhabitants (2013): 69.263
Short distance to Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport
Close to Sweden, Norway and Germany
Part of the Nordic and European Markets

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